On education

My philosophy of education is summed up well in an Ed Talk that I did in 2014 at the MTA Summer Institute: 

I’ve been blogging on education in Worcester since 2008. There isn’t much that I haven’t commented on during that time. You can find the latest, as well as search for any topic you like, on my blog at who-cester.blogspot.com

  • I believe that every child is guaranteed a right to a full, free, comprehensive public education; that such an education should above all prepare every child to be a participant in a democratic republic; that each child should be treated not as future democratic participant, but as a current one.
  • I believe that a comprehensive education must include access to resources needed to complete the work, be those labs, computers, playgrounds, libraries, or other materials; that access to those resources should not unconstitutionally rely on local resources; that students should have such resources provided to them regardless of where they live or which school they attend.
  • I believe that comprehensive education includes, but is not limited to, engaging reading, hands-on science, wise use of technology, the full scope of human history, critical thinking, researched based comprehensive health education, and all of the fine and performing arts. 
  • I believe that education is a human endeavor; that there is no replacing teachers; that every child should have an adult in a school to whom they can turn for support; that those adults in turn should have support as needed.
  • I believe that schools can learn from parents and from children’s home communities; that we owe it to our students to do so.
  • I believe that the social capital and financial contributions of a family should not determine the quality of their child’s education. 
  • And I believe that we can and must do better.

for Worcester School Committee