Can you run for office?
Yes, I can! While my full-time work is for the Massachusetts Association of School Committees, there is no conflict with running for or serving on a local school committee. Most of my colleagues have served on their school committees; some still do.
Those who do both do need to recuse themselves from voting association dues.

Why now?
I know that we as a city deserve better than the school district governance we have right now. Students deserve to be treated as full people, partners in their education. Parents deserve to be seen as having real contributions to make in the education of their children. The community deserves a school system that is supported by and supportive of life for city residents. We can do better. We deserve better.

Does this mean you don’t think good people are running?
On the contrary, there are some excellent people running! I’m particularly encouraged to see parents of Worcester Public School students running, as they are not currently at the table. It has given me real hope that we can change the way the district is governed and ensure that we can move ahead as a district rather than slipping behind on important work that needs to be done.